River Plate Outfitters


In 1986, lifelong sportsman Luis Brown started River Plate Outfitters (RPO) with the idea of sharing South America's finest hunting -River Plate Wingshooting (RPW)- and fishing -River Plate Anglers (RPA)- with the rest of the world. Born and raised in the jungles and lumber camps of South America, Luis Brown was educated in the United States, receiving an MS from the Wharton School of Finance. He first founded RPW in 1986 and has been a pioneer in world-class Peacock Bass fishing with RPA since 1992, offering unprecedented levels of services, facilities and comfort.

Over the years River Plate Outfitters has grown into one of the largest outfitting companies in South America, offering the most prestigious wingshooting and fishing programs in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

It began operating out of East Uruguay and after 10 years of outfitting in different areas in Uruguay and Brazil in the pursuit of the optimum mixed bag shooting grounds, in 1992 the operations were transfered to Argentina. In 1995 Luis Brown selected 2 magnificent estancias South of Entre Rios with 3 different water levels, thus ensuring near the two Estancias consistent high volume duck hunting amidst pastures loaded with Perdiz and uninterrupted flocks of doves coming into roosts.

For over two decades RPO has been leader in Uruguay and Argentina Mixed Bag Shoots. Today, it controls over 80% of the best shooting grounds for all three species in the privileged Entre Rios south, only a 3-hour drive from Buenos Aires.

On the fishing hand, one of the services that distinguish our Peacock Bass fishing programs from others are our truly unique and highly mobile, deluxe, air conditioned Fly-In Floating Cabins, which were introduced in 1996.

RPO offers top quality in all of its destinations, and shows continuous effort for innovating in its service, fishing programs and staff training. Its service is up to the standards that American anglers and shooters have come to expect. RPO has the experience, local connections and backcountry savvy to provide an unparalleled fishing and/or hunting adventure.